Hiring for Summer 2020—Seasonal Positions

Glenbrook Club is an exclusive community full of opportunity and gratification. Come be a part of our diverse team where we all come together to accomplish the same goal— to provide great service while having a great time doing so. Glenbrook offers competitive wages and tips as well as an atmosphere that is incomparable. Think you’d be a great addition to the team? Go ahead and check out what positions we have available.

Glenbrook Position General Requirements: To be proficient in the desired position and knowledgeable of all other position’s duties

To Apply: Please send resume and cover letter to Thomas@glenbrookclub.com 

Open Positions

Buss Person

Position Description:
You are the Swiss Army knife of the restaurant, as in you are going to be performing all sorts of tasks, even ones not specific to the position. Anything the front or back of the house needs, you will be their go-to person.

Main Requirements:

  • Greet and provide water service upon members arrival to table
  • Maintain availability to the tables as well as the servers
  • Mark tables for each course if necessary
  • Anticipate members’ needs: beverage refills, clearing plates and cutlery after each course and potentially describing menu items if server isn’t present
  • Be available to assist with any position in need – ex. Seat members when needed, help run food for expediter and clear all areas of dishes not excluding the bar
  • Promptly and efficiently reset tables upon members departure to help ensure all reservation times are met


Position Description:
Someone who is briefly knowledgeable of the ins and outs of a restaurant, ranging from drink specials to desserts. First impressions can play a huge part in a guest’s experience, a warm welcome will ensure the guests are off to a great experience and a heartfelt goodbye will ensure their return. This position can be difficult at times, for example knowing when you have some free play in the reservation book regarding time slots/table locations and knowing when it is nonnegotiable. The key in your position is to attempt at providing the best initial experience possible by using the right tone and professional manner during even the most seemingly difficult of situations. Try to remember the three C’s- Calm, Cool, Collected and the rest will follow. The Host or Hostess not only takes reservations and seats the guests but will all the to-go orders that will be coming into the restaurant.

Main Requirements:

  • Smile and greet members by their last name
  • Confirm with member their reservation time and guest count
  • Inform server, managers and chef of any special requests
  • During a reservation gap, assist buss person/servers with water and beverage refills while being aware of upcoming reservations
  • Say farewells to members upon their departure
  • After all guests are seated put host stand away and help front of house with any necessary tasks


Position Description:
Individual that possesses a genuine passion for food and wine exchange, as well as providing the utmost respect and service to the members and their fellow teammates, during all hours of service. A server’s position entails knowledge of numerous aspects within the restaurant; meaning what wines/cocktails we have available and knowing at least one thing about each wine, as well as the preparation and the ingredients that go into in each item on our menus. You will be required to know how to make basic cocktails during service hours when the bartender or bar manager is not there.

Main Requirements:

  • Greet members with proper hello, good afternoon or evening and state your name ( Good evening everyone my name Is ______ and I will be taking care of you this evening, would you like you know about our drink specials or some of the new wines we are featuring)
  • Always look for the opportunity to upsell menu items and bar beverages
  • Relay the specials for that shift
  • Be aware of your guest’s allergies and special needs
  • Monitor food delivery and beverage service
  • Anticipate what the guests want and do not want
  • Mark the table with the proper utensils for each course
  • Act as the ultimate host on the floor, always looking for ways to exceed the guests’ expectations
  • Provide the best service for your guests before and after the check is presented


Position Description:
The cook is someone who prepares the food in the area assigned, while ensuring the quality of the food is consistent so that we can ensure the guests return. Cooks are always required to wear their specified uniform in the kitchen, and they are required to keep up with the cleanliness of such uniforms. Time efficiency is a must when preparing each of the items on the menu, this way we can exceed our guest’s expectations.

Main Requirements:

  • Experience in a kitchen setting

  • Servsafe certification

  • Knowledge on how to use kitchen machinery

  • Proper knife skills

  • Respectful to staff under intense conditions (prime ticket time)