Dear Glenbrook Club Members,

The results of our member vote on the use of the Club by renters of member homes have been tabulated and reported to the Board by McClintock Accountancy.

As you will see in the Independent Accountants’ Report linked here, 212 ballots were received directly by McClintock on our before the deadline of February 3, 2020, well above the required quorum of 170 member ballots (of a total of 255 possible member ballots). The vote results represent only one vote per membership.

The results of the vote are as follows:

  • 151 Yes votes to allow renters of member homes who rent for a minimum period of seven days to be able to use the Club (renters must be registered with the Club and adhere to all existing and potential new Club rules and policies).
  • 61 No votes to prohibit the use of the Club by all renters of member homes.

We thank our members for participating – more than 83% of members voted, reflecting the importance of this issue.

Please know that we will be meeting in the coming months to consider additional appropriate policies regarding use of the Club by renters of member homes.

Thank you,

Nancy Field, Jonathan Fore, John Telischak, and Rick Wolford
Glenbrook Club Renters Task Force