Dear Glenbrook Club Members and Families,

We are writing to you with two important updates from the Glenbrook Cub Board of Directors.

Club Use by Renters of Member Homes

As you know, earlier this year, our membership voted affirmatively to allow renters of member homes who rent for a minimum of seven days to continue to have access to Club facilities.

The Board’s Renters Task Force has also continued to review existing Club policies and consider additional steps that balance the mandate of the recent vote with our commitment to ensuring that our members’ experience is our priority. At our March 24, 2020 Board Meeting, the Board unanimously approved several additional policies recommended by the Task Force. The existing and new policies are summarized below.

Existing Policies:
Members who rent their homes must register ALL renters who want to use the Club with Kevin Kjer. This registration requirement includes members who rent through the Glenbrook Rental Program, online services (such as AIRBNB, VRBO, etc.) or other intermediaries, as well as those who rent their homes privately.
Kevin Kjer provides a weekly list of all registered renters who will be permitted access to the Club to Thomas Tenorio and the Golf Shop.
New Policy:
The Club will issue through Kevin Kjer numbered rental authorization cards to registered renters, who must present the card before each use of any Club facility.

Existing Policies:
Renters are limited to making same-day reservations for dinner and tee times. Lunch requires no renter reservations.
Renters are limited to one party of six for dinner and one foursome of golf per day.
New Policies:
Same-day reservations can only be made starting at 12:00 noon and are at the discretion of the General Manager.
Renters will not be able to have dinner at the Club from July 1-5, 2020, which is the busiest period of the season.

New Policy:
To help offset renter-related Club costs, members who rent their homes will be charged $175 for the first week of each rental group and $150 for subsequent weeks. Member-to-member rentals are exempt from this fee. The $175 fee includes $25 for registration/administration that the Club will pay to Kevin Kjer.

We believe that these policies, which management and staff will work hard to enforce, balance what is fair to both members who rent their homes and to those who do not. These policies, and the Club’s other policies — including those regarding pets, dress code, and green fees — will be included in our spring communication to members and will be posted on the Club website.

The Upcoming 2020 Season

Despite the uncertainty surrounding so many aspects of our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Club is moving forward with the hope that we will be able to open the golf course as scheduled on May 1 and the Clubhouse on June 17.

At the same time, we are working with Thomas Tenorio, our General Manager, to plan for alternative scenarios — from delays in opening to modifications to our restaurant and golf operations — that may be prudent or required by local, state or federal order. We are also working to ensure best practices for the safety and well being of our members and staff. We are closely monitoring the situation and hope to have greater visibility on the summer at the end of April.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at or any member of the Board with questions or concerns.


Nancy Field