May 3, 2019

Dear Fellow Glenbrook Club Members,

Winter 2019 had the fourth highest snowfall on record, but thanks to the work of Thomas Tenorio and the entire Club crew, the Clubhouse will be ready to open on June 13th, and much of the golf course will open on May 8th! Unfortunately, the Driving Range is still underwater so stay tuned.

Memorial Day Barbecue and Members Reception

We hope you and your families will be able to attend our Memorial Day barbecue to be held rain or shine on Saturday, May 25th at Noon at the Clubhouse. This annual Glenbrook Club tradition is a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and meet new members.

Also, please mark your calendars for a members reception at the Clubhouse on Wednesday, June 26th from 5 to 7 pm.

Member Survey Results

Thank you to the 186 individuals who completed our member survey. Your input is extremely valuable to the Board as we work to improve the Club. We will use the results to inform both our near-term decisions and our long-range planning to make the Club even better.

As you know, we used an online platform, Survey Monkey, to distribute and tabulate the survey. Overall, the results were very positive, but we know that there is always room for improvement. Eighty-six members added confidential suggestions, comments, or constructive criticism at the end of the survey for the Board’s consideration, all of which we have reviewed carefully.

Here are a few takeaways from the survey:

  •  Over 95% rated their experience at the Club last summer excellent, very good, or good.
  •  60% said that the new bar exceeded their expectations.
  • 84% felt that the Club has improved over the past three years.
  •  Nearly half said that opening the bar and restaurant more nights each week is their top priority.
  • 83% agree with the Club’s current wedding policy of closing the Club for up to two member weddings on weekends in September after Labor Day.

Please find the results to the 2019 member survey here.

Bylaws Revision

Late last fall, the Board began a comprehensive review of the Club’s Bylaws, which had not been amended in approximately ten years. The primary purpose of the review is to ensure that the Bylaws are in compliance with our Articles of Incorporation and Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 82 and to reflect current best practices. We expect to complete the review and revision process in the coming month and will share the amended bylaws with you then.

Summer 2019 Club Calendar

We have made one change to the summer 2019 calendar since we sent it to you in February — we have added a food truck on the evening of July 10th. Click here for the calendar, which includes Club operating hours and all special events. The calendar is also on our website and we will update it regularly. If you have problems accessing the members section of the website, please email

Clubhouse Improvements

We made several upgrades to the Clubhouse interior this winter and spring.  Most importantly, we eliminated the threshold on the floor separating the main part of the dining room from the Bliss Porch. We also replaced the carpet, refurbished the wood paneling, and added service cabinets that should help make our waitstaff more efficient. The fire pit on the west lawn is complete and ready for members to gather and enjoy the view of the lake.

Also, if you have not already seen the live view of the lake from the webcam we installed on top of the Clubhouse, please click here:

2019-20 Member Dues

You recently received your Glenbrook Club annual dues invoice, which reflects a $100 increase for the year to $2,800. Just a friendly reminder that dues are payable by June 1st.

Club Board Nominations

The Club Board is comprised of nine members. This summer we expect that two current Directors – Dana Jackson and Tom Tornga – will stand for re-election for another term. We will have one opening for a new Director for the three-year term beginning August 2019, as John List will be retiring from the Board.

Please submit the name of any member you would like to be considered for nomination to the Club Board to Nancy Field, Chair of the Nominating Committee, at by May 30th.

We look forward to another great summer in Glenbrook. Until then, please don’t hesitate to contact either of us or any other Board Member with your questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

Nancy Field and John Telischak

Glenbrook Club Board 2018-19

Nancy Field, Co-President
John C. Telischak, Co-President
Thomas Tornga, Vice President
Cynthia Baise, Secretary
John Deane
Jonathan Fore
Dana Jackson
John List

The #1 Green
After one of the heaviest snow winters in Tahoe history, quality teamwork and proper cultural practices, agronomics, and tree management produced results
— the #1 green on April 20th.