Dear Fellow Glenbrook Club Members,

With winter just around the corner and the memories of another great Glenbrook summer fast receding, we want to recap the highlights of the 2017 season and share our plans for the coming year.

Record Season at the Clubhouse

Thanks to your support and patronage, the restaurant had a great year and the consensus is that the food and service were better than ever. Kudos to Thomas Tenorio for managing our Club so well this past summer. Total revenue from the restaurant and bar was up 10%, a tribute to the quality of food, the excellent service, and the overall experience of dining at our Club.

It is challenging to operate a seasonal restaurant at Tahoe, but Thomas has been successful in not only bringing back most of the staff we know and like so much, but also hiring outstanding new team members. We thank Thomas and the entire staff for their big part in making the summer season such a success.

Improved Financial Results

The Glenbrook Club also had a good year financially, as gross revenues were up and expenses were down. We will have a complete report and tally of all revenues and expenses in January and expect to be close to our budgeted goals with a smaller operating loss than in previous years.

Expanding Membership

We welcomed nine new members to the Glenbrook Club, which we believe is a record. Seven of those new members are residents and two are non-residents. This brings our total membership to 245 (217 resident members and 28 non-resident members). We will continue to work to grow our membership which contributes not only to the Club’s financial well-being, but to the vitality of our community.

Improving our Club for 2018 and Beyond

We are also working on several significant improvements and enhancements to the Clubhouse restaurant and bar and the golf course that we believe will make the Glenbrook Club an even more special place for its members today and in the future. Some of these improvements are necessary maintenance projects, while others are forward-looking steps to ensure the long-term viability of our Club and the continued growth of our membership.

The Club’s facilities and activities are an essential part of our community and play a significant role in the quality of life at Glenbrook, as well as the value of our homes.

To fund these projects, we are in the early phases of planning a capital campaign. We believe a successful fundraising campaign has the potential to enable the Club to make important and necessary upgrades to our facilities without significantly drawing down our reserves, increasing annual dues above our typical yearly average, or implementing a mandatory assessment of all members. The capital campaign would, of course, be voluntary.

The improvement projects that the capital campaign would help fund include:

Golf Course Enhancements

Repairing or replacing much of the existing drainage system and installing some new drain lines. The existing system is antiquated with some of it over 50 years old. This work will dramatically reduce the portions of the course that become super-saturated, as we saw after last year’s brutal winter.

Rebuilding the #1 and #6 greens. Both have been perennial problems as they are surrounded by trees that limit the sunlight essential for healthy greens. After several years of effort, last month TRPA granted the Club permission to remove a number of the trees that shade these two greens. We are very hopeful that these two new and sunnier greens will perform much better.

Clubhouse Enhancements

Remodeling the bar area to increase its utility, capacity and attractiveness. As we mentioned in our fall 2016 letter, we undertook a design review of the bar area and its functionality, which was independently funded by a generous member. We are now working with architects and builders to develop plans for a 2018 remodel that we believe will add significantly to our Clubhouse experience, much as the addition of the lakeside deck did in 2014. We will share these plans as soon as they are complete.

Updating and replacing various furnishings in the restaurant and Clubhouse. One example is replacing the padding and upholstery on all the dining chairs.

The Board hopes to complete our study of the scope and timing of these projects and the capital campaign to support them within the next several months and will report back to you.

Thank You Leslie Heisz

We also want to thank Leslie Heisz, who retired from the Glenbrook Club board in August, for her dedicated service to the Club. Leslie has contributed in so many ways, including to our improved golf shop and course and to our successful new membership drive.

Welcome Jonathan Fore

We are pleased to report that our members elected Jonathan Fore to the Club Board at the August 2017 Annual Meeting. Jonathan grew up in Glenbrook and recently purchased his family home on Powerhouse Road. Jonathan is married to Shannon and they have two young children. He is as excited about participating on the Board as we are to have his expertise and enthusiasm.

We expect to follow up with you prior to year-end with further details on a possible capital campaign. In the spring, we will provide all members the Club calendar for 2018.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or any other Board member. On behalf of the Glenbrook Club Board, best wishes to you and your families for a very Happy Holiday Season.


John C. Telischak
President of the Glenbrook Club